Sunday, January 12, 2014

Published Games and Motion Comics

I know I said my next post would be about my recent 3D work, but I just want to sneak this one in here before I get to that.

First off, The Amazing Jungle Rescue has been published on Indie City! It's not the most well known game distributor, but it's a great website and it's very easy to use. We're still exploring other distribution options as well, in order to get the game in the hands of as many people as possible. (If you're associated with such a game distribution platform and you're looking for family friendly puzzle games for your storefront, please don't hesitate to get in touch!) Anyways, we're excited that others can finally play our game, so please check it out at the link below or on our website: The game is $3, and there is a free demo as well in case you want to try it out before you buy it.

In addition to that, I've also got another project to share. A mini motion comic! It was sort of a last minute Christmas present to my sister Michelle Rakar. Some of you may know this, some of you may not, but my sister and I have a long running series of sorts that we've been working on called The Nays. It's always been kind of a "for our own enjoyment only" type of personal project, but we've posted a few things about it online in the past. We started it over 10 years ago and recently we've been working to clean things up and actually make it presentable. Since we're pretty much rewriting the story from the very beginning, we've been toying with the idea of turning it into a real web comic. Whether or not we actually do that depends on how much free time we have, but we've always thought it would be cool to share these stories with everyone.
To go along with that, I tried my hand at making a motion comic using a new program called Motion Artist. It's very crude and messy because I made it in 2 days using an unfamiliar program, but I thought it could pave the way to something kinda cool. Check it out at the link below:

The Nays Motion Comic: Volume 01 - Chapter 04
(Note that this is actually a glimpse of Chapter 4, so prepare to feel lost.)

As usual, thanks for reading. I promise my next post will be the one on 3D art that I mentioned. Adios!

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