Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3D Art - Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

Well I've been putting this off for a while, but I think it's time I made my post on the recent 3D work I've been doing. In addition to the various freelance jobs I've recently been involved in, I've been busy improving my 3D skills for my portfolio. Some of these projects are more finished than others, but here's the result of the past few months of work.

I actually just finished this one last night. I've always had an interest in motion art and experimental typography. You know, the kind of stuff you see in commercials with dramatic text scrolling and words flying all over the screen. And I've noticed a lot of VFX companies use a program called Cinema4D, so I decided to give it a try and make a short intro sequence of sorts. I found some really helpful tutorials and managed to make something kind of cool. I think it will fit nicely as the intro to the next demo reel I put together. (Apparently HD isn't supported in the embedded link, so watch it on Vimeo to see it in better quality.)

Another spontaneous project that I completed last weekend was this render of a soup can. Most of my texture creation lately has been digitally painted and slightly more light-hearted. So I figured I'd put together something a bit more realistic. Not sure I quite captured the dark visuals that I was intending, but I like the results nonetheless.

Speaking of light-hearted texturing, here is a cartoony lighthouse I finished a few weeks ago. I based it on a real place in Alaska called the Salty Dawg. 

I finished this one a long time ago, so I had to double check to make sure I hadn't already posted it. This was originally a texture that I created for a pop machine in our senior studio game, Aliens in Eden. The original model was kind of bland but I liked the texture, so I decided to re-purpose it as a mockup marketing ad. This was back when I was studying a lot of rendering tutorials so I learned quite a bit about MentalRay while working on this one.

This is a tribute to my old car that I ended up leaving behind in Chicago (RIP ;_;) The previous car models that I had in my portfolio were way outdated (like 2nd semester of 3D classes outdated), so it was time for a replacement. I figured what better car to model than the first one I ever owned, so here is my now deceased Chevy Prizm.

And now to the less finished stuff. This is a character named Montez for an animation short I planned a while back. Here is some of the concept work I did for him nearly a year ago alongside a preliminary face render.


Still have some work to do to better capture his likeness. I had used ZBrush quite a bit before this, but this project was where I really got hands-on with the workflow and a bunch of the more advanced tools. I learned a lot about sub-tools and ZAppLink from this. I still haven't quite finished texturing his body and adding in all of the fine details, but hopefully I'll find some time to get back to this project soon.

Another ambitious project that I started this past Fall was re-creating my bedroom in Maya. So far I've managed to model all of the big pieces, but it still has a long way to go before it's at the level I'm looking for. I absolutely love UVing and texturing, but with the amount of small objects in my room... it's a liiittle bit time consuming. I'd very much like to have a finished, realistically-populated environment in my portfolio though, so I definitely plan to get back to this one when I've got some time.


And that pretty much concludes this update. I do have a bunch of really nice renders from the freelance job I'm currently working on, but I'm going to hold off on posting any of that until the job is complete. Anyways, thanks for checking out my update. I love getting feedback on my work, so don't be shy! Until next time... Adios!

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