Monday, February 10, 2014

Update #2: Technical Progress!

It's been a little while since the last post. I think it's time to talk about the progress I've made on Dyll's Quest the past few weeks. To all of you who just like looking at pretty pictures, sorry to disappoint! You might want to skip this post since almost all of the recent progress has been on the coding side of things.

So here's what the prototype looks like in it's current state. None of those assets are finished, but it should give a pretty good representation of the direction for this game. I've recently added a lot of functionality into gameplay scripts. I added a HUD script that keeps track of various statistics. I coded a parallax background script that allows multiple background planes to scroll at different speeds when the player walks. I added functionality for Dyll's 'Get Down' move, which allows him to use his Funk powers on NPCs.

Speaking of NPCs, I've spent a lot of time coding enemy AI since the last update. The default Hobo enemy can patrol an area, idle, jump, die, chase the player and return to a home position. He's not all that intelligent yet, but as an artist first and a coder second, I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished on him so far.

I've also implemented a basic pause menu, and fixed a subsequent bug that allowed the player to rocket jump while pressing the jump key on the pause screen. (It's a feature, not a bug!) A countdown timer is now also in place, and you'll be taken to a game over screen when time runs out. I've also created a ladder script so that climbable objects are now fully functional. Things are moving along pretty well.

On a side note, I also got the game listed on IndieDB, so go check that out. Marketing games isn't exactly my area of expertise, so hopefully that will lead to a bit of exposure:

Dyll's Quest For Funk

I'm getting to a point where most of the basic gameplay elements are in place (at least for the prototype), so I can finally start concentrating on the art assets! That said, expect the next update to be a bit more visually appealing. Until next time... Adios!

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